About Us

COCO & TRES has been designing & manufacturing bags since 2005 using materials that are mostly indigenous to the Philippine Islands. The concept of making travel and lifestyle essentials was conceptualized in 2009 when our export market was at a standstill. Meanwhile, travel and leisure seemed to be booming. With my own personal need for high quality pouches which were neither reasonably priced nor available in the market. COCO & TRES came out with a full line of clear pouches and easy lightweight reversible totes and intorduced it only during the Christmas Season. Today, these very durable and timeless travel & leisure pieces are offered online the whole year round while still creating a special collection for the Holidays.

All of our goods are made in the Philippines and are carefully crafted by hand using only high quality materials. Each item is made with great attention to detail and with a sincere sense of duty to promote small Filipino businesses.